Car following lorry in the snow

Winter Driving – Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to driving in the winter, you have to have a completely different frame of mind, and just about everything is different. There are generally some tips and tricks to stick by to help keep you safe on the roads throughout the season, here are ours.

Before setting off

When you’re setting off on a journey at this time of the year, you have a few things to take into consideration. Always check the weather forecast of where you are and where you’re going, if there are weather warnings, ask yourself if you must go? Make sure you have enough charge in your phone, you never know if when you’re going to break down or need to call for help. Always check the car over, make sure your screenwash is full, oil and brake fluid is at a sufficient level and the tyres are all road safe.

The Essentials

Always have the essentials in your car in case of emergencies! You could be stuck on the motorway for hours, have to pull over due to snow, anything can happen! Make sure you always have food, water, blankets and a torch. This way if you do have to stop anywhere you won’t go hungry, get dehydrated or go cold, plus a torch is essential with the darker nights!

Black Ice and Snow

Black ice is every driver’s worst nightmare. It’s invisible and can be fatal.
To avoid having skidding and crashing, keep your gears high, accelerate gently and use low revs. Keeping your stopping distance from the car in front is vital, in the snow its recommended to leave ten times the standard gap! In general, keep your speed slow, lights on and be cautious, if you stick to this you should be fine!
If you do encounter a skid, try to carefully and gently steer into it, don’t take your hands off the wheel and DON’T touch the brakes!

Car Care

Throughout the winter, the councils regularly spread salt via gritters across most roads and motorways; this acts as a de-icer and helps to keep the roads from freezing and becoming dangerous. This salt, however, does cause corrosion to your car over time, it can build up quickly so make sure you make a point of cleaning your car regularly to keep in its in best conditions!

If you have any concerns or questions with driving or with your vehicle during the colder months, get in touch with us, we have a dedicated team ready to help and answer any questions you have to keep the roads safe.